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Dubai One TV Interview

Dubai One TV Interview with Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL


Travel Insurance & Expat Assistance Market in the Middle East

There are many promising facts for the future of the Middle East tourism. 4 Trillion USD projects have been announced in travel and tourism for the Middle Eastern market. The annual number of tourists to the Middle East is projected to double to 154 Million by 2020, compared with 76 Million in 2008. 7 Billion USD is being invested in hotel projects between 2010 to 2013 and 106 out of 234 orders for the airbus 380 have been placed by Middle East carriers.

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Fit to fly report for charter and air ambulance flights

In case of any critical medical problem on board, an emergency landing would be required. 80% of emergency landings are due to medical reasons. Such emergency landings do not only change the travel plans but also costs a lot to the airlines companies. Those medical and operational concerns show the importance of the fit to fly reports. Since it is not a very common practice, most of the medical doctors would not be aware of the fit to fly criteria. Some airlines require medical certificates confirming that a patient is currently stable and fit to fly. Most have medical advisors who provide advice and 'clear' passengers as fit to fly.

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CSR Middle East Founder Awarded at World CSR Congress

Dr. Fatih Mehmet GUL, CSR Middle East Founder and Executive Director, was honored with the “Outstanding Contribution for CSR Practices in GCC Countries Award” at World CSR Congress and Awards 2013 held in Mumbai, India. The World CSR Congress brings over 130 countries under one roof to unite the best of the best and celebrate leadership in building a better society and making a better world. The Theme for the Congress was “Possible to Do Well by Doing Good”.

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Reuters: Women empowerment initiatives for the future of the MENA region

In the unswerving campaign for social and economic change in the Middle East and North Africa, women are slowly but steadily moving from merely subordinates roles to the center stage. This evolution has the potential to create a new dawn of regional growth and opportunity. The economic and social stakes are high. If female employment rates were to begin to match male rates, a country’s GDP could likely see a very significant boost. A recent report from management consulting firm, Booz & Company, entitled “Empowering the Third Billion – Women and the World of Work in 2012” provides a ranking of 128 countries based on how effectively leaders are empowering women as economic agents. Karim Sabbagh, a Senior Partner with Booz & Company UAE, said in the report that countries with a strong set of both inputs and outputs are labeled “on the path to success,” and that these are typically developed economies. Moreover, the countries by “taking the right steps,” have implemented a slate of input policies and are just beginning to see their efforts pay off.

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Show me the CSR!

Regarded as one of the most obscure and misunderstood subjects in modern business, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is often confused with marketing or charity work, and occasionally even with customer service. Within the MENA region the definition of CSR has been evolving with an increase in purchasing power and awareness. “Dating back to thousands of years, corporate responsibility in this region was described as charity from a business to the community. It was then redefined and until 2005 CSR was centred on PR-based initiatives. Now, with an increasingly global and modern mindset, the business community views CSR as a strategic and long-term initiative,” says Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, country manager at Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives. This begs the question: what exactly is CSR? “It is being responsible to the stakeholders of your company,” explains Dr. Gul.

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What Medtronic 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report talks about the Middle East?

We all believe that global initiatives are applied and undertaken in the Middle East operation as well, however it would be great to see more focus from Medtronic Foundation to the regional initiatives in the Middle East. On the other hand, we hope to see more details about the CSR and Corporate Citizenship approach at the Medtronic Middle East website, which still keeps only the 2008 report of the company. Medtronic’s 2012 Corporate Citizenship Report aligns with the Global Reporting Initiative G3 guidelines and incorporates interactive data tables, graphics and videos. A 16-page summary report is also available for download at

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