DRFAMEG Healthcare & Consultancy Ltd. is the trusted adviser for the projects across health systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, and medical groups. We apply knowledge and expertise of our dedicated regional and global consultants team to help clients of all sizes and scopes find success in the new model of healthcare.

Today’s healthcare organizations need a partner not only to navigate the shifts in the industry but also to flourish in this changing environment. prognosis.company thrives when delivering smart counsel and pragmatic solutions to the most critical, strategic challenges facing health systems across the Middle East region. The success of our clients is our most important yardstick. And it shows.



Medical expertise meets with business expertise to provide best outcomes for your needs


Management and consultants team with intensive experience in the Middle East region


A to Z project management for your medical projects

We understand that your interest in healthcare consultancy services is based on a need to do things differently or to do new things. While insightful plans are essential, DRFAMEG Healthcare & Consultancy Ltd.  adds value by effecting successful change in your organization. We take great care to provide workable, realistic solutions and are adept at balancing the needs of conflicting internal interests. For us, a successful solution must be:

Attainable, You can implement the solution and meet the needs of stakeholders within your organization.

Sustainable, You can manage the solution over time without needing major revisions or continued outside assistance.

Effective, Your organization successfully reaches the goals you sought at the start of the engagement.

Efficient, Your resources are spent wisely, both in the cost of consulting and the financial requirements of the solution.