Medical Tourism has been a new trend in healthcare sector and many hospitals launch international patient treatment department. Unfortunately most of the hospitals experience communication difficulty between the patients and medical staff. Such communication problem does not allow hospital to practice with full performance. We are passionate about improving patient health and providing high quality medical communication services to our clients and their customers regardless to the nationality and language. With a dedicated team of medical doctors, DRFAMEG Healthcare & Consultancy Ltd. is exceptionally qualified to communicate medical information to healthcare professionals and consumer audiences in many languages.  


Medical reports are very critical link of the international patient operation. Each patient needs to keep the medical reports in their own language for future medical references. We assist hospitals 7/24 basis and provide state of art medical translation service for patient reports.

All medical reports are translated by our medical doctors team and we deliver translated documents as per the need of your operation.

Medical INTERPRETER Services

We provide professional medical interpreter service at the hospitals dealing with international patients. Medical Interpreters at our payroll, makes your operation easier and ready for high numbers of patients.

Language and medical awareness assessment of your medical interpreters is also provided. We meet with your medical interpreters and make a face-to-face assessment at their own language. Such assessment gives you a clear picture of the capacity of your medical interpreters.


We also provide basic medical terminology training for the non-medical staff at the international patient department in order to increase the quality of medical communication.

Such training increases the medical awareness and improves the quality of medical communication in the hospital.


Hospitals make big investments for the marketing activities of their international patient services. Once the patient discharged, most of the hospitals do not communicate with the international patient anymore. We help hospitals to construct and improve the loyalty of the international patients. Each patient receives a call in their mother language just two weeks after the discharge. We ask the satisfaction, current medical status and recommendations of the patient and send a comprehensive report to the hospital. By that way, hospital keeps communication with the patient and gets a chance to review the international patient operation performance.