We are passionate about improving patient health and providing quality medical communication services to our clients and their customers regardless to the nationality and language. With a dedicated team of medical doctors, DRFAMEG Healthcare & Consultancy Ltd. is exceptionally qualified to communicate medical information to healthcare professionals and consumer audiences in many languages.  

Medical documents must be written, translated and reviewed solely by the medical professionals who understand medical terminology and concepts, and have experience conveying complex medical information in different languages. Inaccurate medical translations can have serious consequences for both healthcare service providers and consumers.

Medical Content Development Services

We do not merely execute a client's project. We have the knowledge to assist in the conceptualization and development of the project. Our Medical Professionals, responsible for content development, consists of experienced Medical Doctors and PhD medical writers with extensive backgrounds in basic science research, publications, and the needs and priorities of industry. The team works in close collaboration with our IT and Graphic Design teams to optimally address client needs.